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Behaviors: 2.2.2
Version GLPI 9.4.x - bugfix when adding a solution - new number format for change
Added by yllen about 1 month ago

Behaviors: 2.1.4
Version GLPI 9.3.x - bugfix for ticket itilsolution mandatory with change or problem
Added by yllen about 1 month ago

PDF: 1.6.0
Compatible GLPI >= 9.4 and <= 9.5
Added by yllen 4 months ago

Additional Reports: 1.13.1
Version compatible GLPI >= 9.4 and < 9.5
Added by yllen 6 months ago

Additional Reports: 1.12.1
Version compatible GLPI >= 9.3 and < 9.4
Added by yllen 6 months ago

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  • DashTV (06/29/2015 02:25 PM)

    Plugin para exibição de informações importantes do GLPI em TVs.

    Plugin for displaying important information in GLPI TVs.

    Plugin pour afficher des informations importantes dans les téléviseurs GLPI.

  • Timezones (06/29/2015 09:24 AM)

    This plugin enables timezone management.
    Timezone is a user's setting.

  • cloneticket (06/29/2015 09:16 AM)

    This plugin allows you to create a clone of an existing ticket.
    A button will be created on the form to open tickets, only for technicians.

  • boardganizer (04/20/2015 08:33 AM)
  • ProcessMaker (12/18/2014 07:00 PM)

    Please note that from now on, GitHub is hosting the ProcessMaker plugin at the following URL: https://github.com/tomolimo/processmaker