Bug #2901

1.6.0 multiple errors in update-1.6.0.sql

Added by elacour about 11 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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Unless some columns/tables are created on the fly during plugn usage, I found the following problems:

- At the begining, connectiond is used instead of connections in table renames.
- In glpi_plugin_connections_connections, FK_users, FK_groups, FK_enterprise, others, helpdesk_visible are altered but were not present in empty-1.5.0.sql
- In glpi_plugin_connections_connections, INDEX are added to non existent columns: plugin_connections_connectionrates and plugin_connections_connectionratesguaranteedd
- Tables glpi_plugin_connections_connections_items and glpi_plugin_connections_connectiontypes are altered but were not present in empty-1.5.0.sql
- In glpi_plugin_connections_profiles, column open_ticket is altered but was not in empty-1.5.0.sql


#1 Updated by CDuv about 8 years ago

I don't know the database migration system well enough but since GLPI 0.80 a new class is available to deal with migration process: Migration (See En_Plugin078to080).
It could be a good thing to fix and flatten out everything by switching to this?

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