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Change actual setup workflow to something more friendly

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Target version:2.0


The idea is to simplify the way connections setup between the 2 glpi instances are made.

I'd like to propose is the following 2 workflows:

Slave -> Master

  1. On the master, we first create a webservice connection with a special user.
    This user will only have access to a specific entity to synchronize with.
  2. Then the slave identify itself to the master server with its token and the user
    previously created.
  3. The master will create automatically the connection to the slave, if it doesn't
    exist, or update it.
  4. The slave is automatically configured to synchronize its root entity to the entity
    restricted by the master's webservice user.
  5. Finally, the administrator on the master can choose to deploy or recover data.

Master -> Slave

  1. On the master, we create a connection to the slave and we configure which entity to
    synchronize on the slave.
  2. We initiate the identification from the master to the slave.
  3. On the slave, this will create/update the connection to master and configure
    automatically the destination entity.
  4. Finally, the administrator on the master can choose to deploy or recover data.


  • WebService's login/password configurations may not be allowed to be sent clear
    between the 2 servers. We can send this through https else slave or master will have
    to setup those separately.

Comments are more than welcome ;)


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  • Target version changed from 1.0 to 2.0

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