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Import of user information (phone, name) from LDAP directory has to fail

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Target version:0.68


I noticed an invalid DN bind log by slapd (OpenLDAP) during the login process.

Checking the code, I found a mistake in the design (or the use) of function getFromLDAP() (glpi/users/classes.php).

One of the function parameters is $adm. Inside this function, it's assumed to be a RDN, while this is a DN that is provided in login.php calls.

Let's assume we have the following setup:

 - rootdn: cn=glpi,dc=corp,dc=com
 - basedn: dc=corp,dc=com

So the Bind attempt DN is:


My point is $adm must be assumed to be a DN inside function getFromLDAP(); not a RND.

I attach a very basic patch which fixes the problem for me.

Thank you for this very nice software !

PS: if you prefer French for the BTS, let me know.


#1 Updated by over 15 years ago

Oops, I should not have added an new-line at the end of file for HTTP headers output. Here comes a v2 patch.

Sorry for the mistake.

#2 Updated by moyo over 15 years ago

Do you test the CVS version ?
Because this problem have already been solved I think.

#3 Updated by over 15 years ago

J'utilise la verion 0.6. Pour de la prod (oui c'est déjà en prod, n'utilisant qu'une petite partie ;-) je n'ai pas envie de courir après CVS/SVN.

#4 Updated by moyo about 15 years ago

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