Bug #5367

Field 'Display in the detail of the object' does not exist

Added by blerohellec about 7 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:06/06/2015
Priority:NormalDue date:
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Version 4.0.0 & 4.1.0

In configuring the display materiels, the view proposes to add the field 'display in the detail of the object' :
- which doesn't exist in the 'display of equipment' form
- which doesn't exist in db. If I add the field to the view, I get a sql error (see hereafter) where it looks for column 'display_on_map' in table _infos.

SQL: SELECT \'glpi\' AS currentuser,
`glpi_plugin_positions_infos`.`entities_id`, `glpi_plugin_positions_infos`.`is_recursive`, `glpi_plugin_positions_infos`.`name` AS `ITEM_0`,
`glpi_plugin_positions_infos`.`id` AS `ITEM_0_id`,
`glpi_entities`.`completename` AS `ITEM_1`, `glpi_plugin_positions_infos`.`id` AS `ITEM_2`, `glpi_plugin_positions_infos`.`fields` AS `ITEM_3`, `glpi_plugin_positions_infos`.`itemtype` AS `ITEM_3_itemtype`, GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT CONCAT(IFNULL(`glpi_plugin_positions_infos`.`itemtype`, \'__NULL__\'),
\'$#$\',`glpi_plugin_positions_infos`.`id`) SEPARATOR \'$$##$$\')
AS `ITEM_4`,
`glpi_plugin_positions_infos`.`is_active` AS `ITEM_5`,  `glpi_plugin_positions_infos`.`display_on_map` AS `ITEM_6`,  `glpi_plugin_positions_infos`.`id` AS id  FROM `glpi_plugin_positions_infos`LEFT JOIN `glpi_entities` 
ON (`glpi_plugin_positions_infos`.`entities_id` = `glpi_entities`.`id`
) WHERE `glpi_plugin_positions_infos`.`is_deleted` = \'0\' GROUP BY `glpi_plugin_positions_infos`.`id` ORDER BY ITEM_0 ASC LIMIT 0, 40
Error: Unknown column 'glpi_plugin_positions_infos.display_on_map' in 'field list'
Backtrace :
inc/search.class.php:93 Search::constructDatas()
inc/search.class.php:77 Search::showList()
plugins/positions/front/info.php:36 Search::show()

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