Feature #5423

Decimal separator for a Currency custom field

Added by blerohellec almost 7 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:07/20/2015
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v1.7 for GLPI 0.85

If I enter a custom field, typed Currency, with a comma (,) as decimal separator, I get an Sql error (extract hereafter).
It would be nice to manage the translation of the decimal separator to the correct value (a dot .) before insert into the db, just like it is done for amounts entered in the 'financial and admin information' tab.

SQL: UPDATE `glpi_plugin_customfields_monitors`
SET `typecurrency` = \'4,13\' WHERE `id` =\'1\'
Error: Incorrect decimal value: '4,13' for column 'typecurrency' at row 1
Backtrace :
inc/commondbtm.class.php:1108 CommonDBTM->updateInDB()
plugins/customfields/front/field.form.php:49 CommonDBTM->update()

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