Bug #5600

PHP warning with plugin Datainjection

Added by mab18 over 1 year ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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Target version:3.1.1


I see an error in Datainjection plugin which I think the problem is in the appliances plugin. (It's desapeear when appliance disabled)
You have to go into debug mode to see.
DAns le plugin datainjection, go to the "correspondances" tab, we can see the error before the first line (see attachment).
I don't know if's makes problems in its operation.

Je rencontre une erreur dans le plugin Datainjection dont je pense que le problème provient du plugin Appliances. (L'erreur diosparait quand le plugin appliances est désactivé)
Il faut se mettre en mode debug avant tout.
Aller dans l'onglet "correspondances" du plugin datainjection, on peut voir avant la première ligne une erreur (voir en pièce jointe).
Je ne sais pas si ça pose un problème dans son fonctionnement.

plugin appliances - bug avec datainjection.png (9.46 KB) mab18, 02/06/2020 11:40 AM

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fix #5600


#1 Updated by mab18 over 1 year ago

I have too error in php.log :
[2020-03-03 09:58:36] glpiphplog.ERROR: Toolbox::userErrorHandlerNormal() in /var/www/html/glpi/inc/toolbox.class.php line 658 *** PHP Warning(2): Declaration of PluginAppliancesApplianceInjection::getTable() should be compatible with CommonDBTM::getTable($classname = NULL)
Backtrace :
inc/autoload.function.php:308 include_once()
: glpi_autoload()
...s/datainjection/inc/injectiontype.class.php:138 spl_autoload_call()
plugins/datainjection/inc/info.class.php:100 PluginDatainjectionInjectionType::dropdownLinkedTypes()
plugins/datainjection/inc/info.class.php:129 PluginDatainjectionInfo::showAddInfo()
plugins/datainjection/inc/model.class.php:813 PluginDatainjectionInfo::showFormInfos()
inc/commonglpi.class.php:485 PluginDatainjectionModel::displayTabContentForItem()
ajax/common.tabs.php:92 CommonGLPI::displayStandardTab() {"user":"123@srv-glpi-dev"}

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Applied in changeset r313.

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