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Nouvelles fonctionalités bases de connaissances

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I use a Knowledge Base to access lots of documentation easily. I use the one in eGroupware. I like it a lot, and I would love that the KB in GLPI had some of the features it has. You can see eGroupware's KB working here: http://www.egroupware.org/knowledge_base

In this version (0.68) I've seen great progress: new toolbar and it shows the author, the date of creation and the number of views of an article.

I miss some things:

In the article view, the article ID, a history tab to see who and when has made modifications, a button to get a printer friendly view, the possibility of linking an article to others in the KB. The possibility of sending an email with the article content to other people would be nice, but less important to me. Also good would be to post comments to the article or rate it.

[DONE]_In the main view, I like eGroupware's idea of seeing the articles recently modified and the most viewed. Even the FAQ would benefit of this, so the users can see the latest additions or modifications, and what other users are seeking._

[DONE]_It would be also nice to have an ACL for the KB, so the admin can grant permissions to some users or groups of users to add, modify or read articles._


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Another nice feature would be a complete history of the article, where you can see who has made modifications and when, and what modifications, so the owner of the article can revert to a previous version of the text, just like in a wiki.

And notifications when there is a modification, so the owner can get informed and not watching every now and then who has modified what.

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