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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Author Assignee Category Target version % Done
3007monitoringFeatureNewCreate ticketddurieuxddurieuxPlugin_monitoring 0.85+1.0

3000mobileTaskNewupdade plugin compatibility with glpi 0.80orthagh1.1

2998ocsinventoryngFeatureNewAdd two alerts of additionalalerts plugintsmrtsmrNot planned

2962customfieldsBugNewDependent fieldsFranciX

2948Order ManagementFeatureNewGenerate order purchase and stores it as linked documentwalidNot defined

2927addressingFeatureNewPing IP of items already in GLPI, and display them in a specific color when they can't be pingedwalidIntegrationNot planned

2926addressingFeatureNewImprove reserved IP managementwalidIntegrationNot planned

2915multiglpiFeatureNewAdd infos about master & slave servers in Configuration => General => System informationswalidSphynXz2.0

2912renamerFeatureNewPossibility to choose the variable to change when search result is not uniqueyeti

2901ConnectionsBugNew1.6.0 multiple errors in update-1.6.0.sqlelacour

2895mobileTaskNewupgrade jquery mobile to version beta 1.0orthaghorthagh1.1

2892Order ManagementFeatureNewTicket and asset generation configuration should be by entitywalidNot defined

2887GLPI-PROJECTFeatureNewImprove authentication method detectionwalidAuthenticationCandidate for next major version

2883tlflinesBugNewConflict with environment pluginelacourelacour

2881tlflinesBugNew1.1.0 not fully ready for GLPI 0.78+elacourelacour

2878ConnectionsBugNewConflict with environment pluginelacour1.6.5

2877ConnectionsBugNewSmall translation typo in 1.6.0elacour1.6.5

2876ConnectionsBugNew1.6.0 not fully ready for GLPI 0.78+elacour

2870multiglpiFeatureNewGUI to monitor synchronization processwalidSphynXz2.0

2850Generic ObjectBugNewno way to globally modify objects behaviourguillomovitchwalidFramework

2838GLPI-PROJECTFeatureNewMobile managementremiInventoryCandidate for next major version

2813GLPI-PROJECTFeatureNewAdd an option to tell technician when a reversed item is back in the inventorywalidInventoryCandidate for next major version

2787Item UninstallationFeatureNewPrendre en charge fusioninventorydoum

2784GLPI-PROJECTFeatureNewImplement singlecas logoutwalidmoyoAuthenticationCandidate for next major version

2772callcenterBugResolvedImpossible to add a ticketwalidSphynXz1.0 RC1

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