Genericobject 2.0 for GLPI 0.80 is now released !

Added by walid over 8 years ago

This new release is compatible with GLPI 0.80.

The main features are:
- new itemtype creation
- now compatible with GLPI 0.80 framework
- integration in inventory, helpdesk and reservation
- entity / subentity management
- network ports management
- possibility to add custom fields for each objects
- file injection plugin integration
- order management plugin integration
- item's uninstallation plugin integration

Some small features of the 1.x are not yet available and may be added later:
- linking objects together
- direct connections & global/unitary management for objects
- inventory number generation plugin integration (as it's not yet available for GLPI 0.80)

Due to the whole GLPI framework rewrite between 0.72 an 0.78, we're unable to perform automatic migration. Changes to be done are listed here

The plugin's documentation is available here