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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Subject Author Assignee Category Target version % Done
4469TaskClosedAdd an option to open an external link in a new window or notmoyomoyo0.85

4468TaskClosedAbility to translate knowledge base articlemoyomoyo0.85

4467TaskClosedAbility to translate dropdownmoyomoyo0.85

4466TaskClosedSetting an End date for 'Add User'moyomoyo0.85

4407TaskClosedUse Html description and printscreen paste from CommonItilObjecttsmrtsmr0.85

4406TaskClosedValidation to grouptsmrtsmr0.85

4400TaskClosedAdd ranking to private bookmarksmoyomoyo0.85

4397TaskClosedAdd recursivity on cartridges / consumablesmoyomoyo0.85

4378TaskClosedExclude some images / signature when importing a mailmoyomoyo0.85

4377TaskClosedImprove multi-notification / Use mail queuemoyomoyo0.85

4376TaskClosedIntroduce a maintenance modemoyomoyo0.85

4364TaskClosedExport PDF en UTF8moyomoyo0.85

4361TaskClosedNew display method for dropdownmoyomoyo0.85

4360TaskClosedReview KB Item displaymoyomoyo0.85

4357TaskClosedSatisfaction survey : add notification on answermoyomoyo0.85

4336TaskClosedNavigation enhancement : goto top of the pagemoyomoyo0.85

4242TaskClosedImport, export and duplicate rulesmoyomoyo0.85

4240TaskClosedFind a new PDF librarymoyomoyo0.85

4238TaskClosedImprove cartridge managementmoyoyllen0.85

4192TaskClosedGet user informations on SERVER variable for Shibolleth or Lemon LDAP authmoyoddurieux0.84

4106TaskClosedDrop OCS Doc to pluginmoyotsmr0.84

4102TaskClosedPermit to massive solve tickts from problemmoyomoyo0.84

4101TaskClosedBlock solution edition on closed statusmoyomoyo0.84

4096TaskClosedPermit to use specific HTML Tag on KBmoyomoyo0.84

4094TaskClosedReview ticket template load systemmoyomoyo0.84

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