PHP mcrypt module is required (package "php4-mcrypt" or "php5-mcrypt" in debian 4, depending on your version of PHP).


After decompressing the archive into the plugin folder of GLPI log on as administrator:

Menu: Configuration / Plugins / Accounts / Installation

This will create the tables used by the plugin.

0.72 : Mise à jour depuis une ancienne version du plugin

It is imperative to do the upgrade procedure if you are migrating from older version of the plugin.

First very important thing : make a backup of your database prior GLPI

PHP mcrypt module is required (package "php4-mcrypt" or "php5-mcrypt" in debian 4, depending on your version of PHP)
Then the plugin can decrypt before encrypt with the new encryption system.

  1. Install plugin

#Go to plugin setup

  1. Into the textbox, add the new encryption key that you want to use. Example 'glpi'. Then click Generate hash with this encryption key

  1. An dialog box is open.

Select hash and Copy - paste into the next field. Then click Generate.

  1. You are then redirected to the upgrade of your old passwords. The plugin will list the passwords of the database and the created hash.

  1. Click Update

  1. You can start using the plugin and encrypt / decrypt your passwords.

Do not change then the encryption key, or your passwords will be unreadable and you have to recreate your accounts (Changing the key will be possible in later - 1.5.5 into GLPI 0.72 and into 0.78).

In case of problems during the update of the plugin and passwords.

  1. Restore your GLPI database
  1. delete glpi_plugin_compte_hash table (with phpmyadmin)
  1. Close your browser
  1. Restart the installation process and upgrade passwords.

Rights Management

0.72 :

Menu : Administration / Profiles / Comptes

0.71 :

Menu: Configuration / Plugins / Comptes/ Management rights profile

This step allows you to define user profiles that can use the plugin.

Known Issues

line 467 in setup.php


if ($val==1 && ($data['device_type']!=USER_TYPE)){


if ($val==1 && ($data['type']!=USER_TYPE)){