If an older version is installed, it is best to uninstall it first, and move the folder glpi/plugins/addressing for backup. We must move the folder outside of the tree and not just rename it.

After decompressing the archive into the Plugins folder of glpi log on as an administrator:

Menu: Configuration / Plugins / IP addressing / Installation

This will create the tables used by the plugin.

Up to V1.4: The report is available under Tools - Reports - IP Addressing - Report.

V1.6: The report is available as plugins - IP Addressing

You can export the report as pdf, csv, or slk.


Menu: Configuration / Plugins / IP Addressing System for the ping function.

You can select the type of OS and the method used for the ping function (fping is faster than the simple ping). see Tips for installation on a FreeBSD server if needed.

Menu: Configuration / Plugins / IP addressing / Display

You can select the report options available in the plugin.

Rights Management

0.72 :

Menu : Administration / Profiles / IP addressing

0.71 :

Menu: Configuration / Plugins / IP addressing / Rights Management profile

This step allows you to define user profiles that can use the plugin.

Definition of reports (V1.6)

Starting with Version 1.6, you must define reports before posting (definition "on the fly" in the homepage of the plugin in previous versions).

To do this, you add a report by using the + button menu specific plugin. In the creation of the report, you add the desired filtering.

If you do not specify a network, the research (ping or fping) will be carried out in the wild, with IP address as the only criteria (useful in case of equipment with different interfaces on different networks).


  • Reserved addresses *

If in GLPI, you declare the name of a port of equipment (except network hardware) with the string "reserve" within its name, the IP will appear in the plugin as reserved.

  • Prerequisits 0.68 *

Enter the IP address / subnet mask of your networks: for example in the comments field of the Network.

You must be sure that your hardware address / subnet mask includes the network you want to audit (no longer mandatory in V1.6).


  • Installation on a FreeBSD server *

There are differences in implementation of ping and fping under FreeBSD over Linux.

To ping, timeout is not t-w-To fping, the path is / usr / local / sbin

We must manually edit the file glpi / plugins / addressing / inc / plugin_addressing.functions_setup.php to bring it into line with these characteristics.