Version 3.1.0

Differences with next version:

- anyone can migrate their data from the plugin to the core
- additional fields are still not taken up in the core.

You can have these fields and them modifications in the "Associated elements from the plugin" tab.
This tab now only includes editing additional fields; to modify the associated elements, go through the "Elements" tab of the core.

News for version 3.0.0 (GLPI 9.5.0 or 9.5.1)

Since version 3.0.0, Appliance object is in the GLPI core, under Gestion menu.

But, this recovery has several differences:
- in version 9.5.0 and 9.5.1, the field "Associated to a ticket" is not present
- additional fields are not included

Plugin's migration to version 3.0.0 (GLPI 9.5.0 or 9.5.1) :
-> if you use the field "Associated to a ticket", you can't migrate, you must wait GLPI version 9.5.2 and plugin Appliances version 3.1.0

-> If you don't you this field, the migration of your data is carried out automatically in the core tables.

However, and so that all the IDs are correctly taken, the core tables :
- glpi_appliances
- glpi_ appliances_items
- glpi_appliancetypes
- glpi_appliancerelations
- glpi_applianceenvironments
must be empty

Your preferences as well as contracts, tickets, saved searches, problems, documents, history, notes and financial information related to each appliance are also included.

The old migrated plugin tables are renamed to backup_plugin_appliances ....
Please keep them during some versions.

About Additional fields, the plugin adds a Fields tab in the appliance object. This tab works as in previous versions.

About the modification of the components to be linked and of the additional fields (addition, deletion, modification), this can be done in the "Associated elements from the plugin" tab.
It's no longer possible to modify the additional fields from the associated item.

If you don't use the additional fields or the field "associated to a ticket", you can, after migration (which will transfer your data) remove the plugin

The appliances plugin

OldName : applicatifs

This plugin allows you to create and identify the applications of your business and link to materials.

You can also link documents and tickets.


After decompressing the archive in the plugin folder of GLPI log on as administrator:

Menu: Configuration / Plugins / Applications / Installation

This will create the tables used by the extension.

Rights Management

Menu: Configuration / Plugins / Applications / Management rights profile

This step allows you to define user profiles that can use the extension.


This plugin can be used in conjunction with the plugin archires.