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tsmr, 08/09/2009 11:39 PM

======= Archires Plugin FAQ =======

===== Tips =====

==== All the computers are graphed on a same line whether above or under the switch to which they are connected, how do I change that? ====

To be able to graph computers above and under the switch, connect half of the computers from the switch to the computers (they will appear under the switch) then connect the other half from the computer to the switch (they will appear above the switch).

==== How to add a type of item and its corresponding image? ====

In version 1.3, it has been automated.

In version 1.2, you have to:

=== First you have to know the type you want to add. ===

In glpi_type_computers, locate the ID to be added. For example (ID 3 = Rack).

=== Then add an entry in the glpi_plugin_archires_config table ===

Corresponding fields :
*type glpi_plugin_archires_config = ID form the type of glpi_type_computers
*device_type glpi_plugin_archires_config = ID correspond to the ID declared in config.php (Section // ITEMS TYPE)
*img = the name of your image (that you will have added before in the plugin pics folder)

The image will be automatically added to the configuration of the plugin and visible on the graph.

===== Questions/Answers =====

=== Q: In debug mode, I have lines of the following type ''PHP ERROR : Notice: Undefined index: 6 in plugin_archires.functions_display.php on line 419''. In addition my image does not show up.===

R : You may have a path problem that prohibits archires/inc/plugin_archires.functions_display.php to find the dot utility. You can define a hard link in this script (usr/local/bin/dot for example). You can detect if this is happening looking for "sh: dot: not found" in apache's log. (This problem is corrected in Version 1.3)

=== Q: My image contains weird sized items (the shape of a rhombus). ===

R: The name or type of the concerned item cannot include any character other than basic ones ( none of those "&", "/", "'", etc...)