Setup Instructions

To setup customfields, login to glpi with your admin account.

Click on Setup -> Plugins

Click Install Link

Click Activate Link

Instructions for versions < 1.5 (< GLPI 0.84)

Activating Additional Functionality

By default, custom fields are integrated into the search feature. If you want to enable the ability to log changes, perform mass updates, and use the data injection plugin with your custom fields, follow the instructions found in the patch directory of this plugin.

Auto Activate

By default, when you activate custom fields for a device type, the custom fields section is automatically activated for all devices of that type. If you prefer to manually activate and deactivate custom fields on a device-by-device basis, find the following line in setup.php:

and change it to

Upgrade Procedure

If you want to upgrade this plugin to a new version, first deactivate the plugin. Log out of GLPI and replace the old plugin files with the new plugin files. Then log into GLPI again and activate the plugin. This will update any tables that need to be upgraded.

If you applied the GLPI patch on the previous version of the plugin, you need to make one additional change. Find the following line in setup.php:

and change it to