Encore à faire :
  • refonte dropdowns : Dropdown::show OK / clean dropdownValue dropdownSimple OK
  • clean utilisation constantes / tableau de constantes
    • template_tables -> maybeTemplate OK
    • deleted_tables -> maybeDeleted OK
    • propriété may_be_recursive -> maybeRecursive OK
    • entity_assign -> isEntityAssign OK
    • recursive_types -> carefull $CFG_GLPI["recursive_type"] (is recursive field) is different than Class->may_be_recursive (from parent) OK
    • specif_entity_tables -> isEntityAssign OK
    • dropdowntree_tables -> instanceof CommonTreeDropdown OK
    • type property to protected -> use getType OK
    • table property to protected -> use getTable OK
    • $PLUGIN_HOOKS['plugin_types'] -> OK
    • Use itemtype instead of table in getSearchOption / Dropdown and Rules
  • clean haveTypeRight usage : Near the end. TODO : checkSeveralRights[Or|And] checkTypeRight
  • fonctions dans les classes
  • nettoyage des .form pour utilisation des classes de liaisons
  • Log sur erreurs d'autoload : OK
  • suppression param $ID des fonctions
  • Refonte Devices
  • Move DB Relations to classes
  • CLean usage of Rules Engine Type : Need to add a condition filter in CommonDBTM to filter by subtype access to the DB tables (getFromDB...)
  • Review glpi_events table / type -> itemtype / gestion logs spécifiques (system...)

Additional actions

  • itemtype -> classname : need classes renaming process finish
    • First step done : migration OK / need to check GLPI for bugs
    • TODO : delete CommonItem Usage

Special Classes without table

Only wrote informations in table if it is fully done.

Mailing / Preference

Device : complete review ?

Class Name Class File Search File Form File Functions in classes Remarks
AuthOther functions in XX ?
Central XX XX need for tabs Yes
CommonDBTM xx No No Yes
CommonDBRelation xx No No Yes
CommonDevice XX NO NO Yes
CommonDropdown XX NO NO Yes
CommonGLPI xx No No Yes
CommonTreeDropdown XX NO NO Yes
Connection removed NO NO n/a
Device removed no no n/a
Planning xx xx no Yes
Notification xx No need for tabs Yes temporary, should change
Preference xx No need for tabs Yes functions from user ?
RuleCached XX
RuleCachedCollection XX
RuleCollection XX
SingletonRuleList with rulewollection Only used by rulecollection
RuleDictionnaryDropdown XX
RuleDictionnarySoftware XX
RuleDictionnaryDropdownCollection XX Several front files / Split into several classes ?
RuleDictionnarySoftwareCollection XX
RuleOcs XX
RuleOcsCollection XX
RuleRight XX
RuleRightCollection XX
RuleTicket XX
RuleTicketCollection XX
RuleSoftwareCategory XX
RuleSoftwareCategoryCollection XX

Tables Classes and files list

Only wrote informations in table if it is fully done. XX means it is follwing defined standard

Table Name Class Name Class File Search File Form File Functions classes Remarks
glpi_alerts Alert XX NO NO OK
glpi_authldapreplicates AuthLdapReplicate XX
glpi_authldaps AuthLdap XX XX XX
glpi_authmails AuthMail XX XX XX
glpi_autoupdatesystems AutoUpdateSystem XX XX XX OK
glpi_bookmarks Bookmark XX XX XX OK
glpi_bookmarks_users Bookmark_User XX NO NO
glpi_budgets Budget XX XX XX OK
glpi_cartridgeitems CartridgeItem XX XX XX oOK
glpi_cartridgeitemtypes CartridgeItemType XX XX XX OK
glpi_cartridges Cartridge XX NO XX ok
glpi_computerdisks ComputerDisk XX NO XX OK
glpi_computermodels ComputerModel XX XX XX OK
glpi_computers Computer XX XX XX OK
glpi_computers_devices Computer_Device XX no no OK Complete Review of Devices management needed
glpi_computers_items Computer_Item xx no no OK
glpi_computers_softwareversions Computer_SoftwareVersion xx no xx OK
glpi_computertypes ComputerType XX XX XX OK
glpi_configs Config
glpi_consumableitems ConsumbaleItem XX XX XX OK
glpi_consumableitemtypes ConsumableItemType XX XX XX OK
glpi_consumables Consumable XX NO XX OK
glpi_contacts Contact XX XX XX OK
glpi_contacts_suppliers Contact_Supplier XX NO NO
glpi_contacttypes ContactType XX XX XX OK
glpi_contracts Contract XX XX XX OK
glpi_contracts_items Contract_Item XX NO NO
glpi_contracts_suppliers Contract_Supplier XX NO NO
glpi_contracttypes ContractType XX XX XX OK
glpi_crontasklogs CronTaskLog XX no no OK
glpi_crontasks CronTask XX XX XX OK
glpi_devicecases DeviceCase xx xx xx OK
glpi_devicecasetypes DeviceCaseType XX XX XX OK
glpi_devicecontrols DeviceControl xx xx xx OK
glpi_devicedrives DeviceDrive xx xx xx OK
glpi_devicegraphiccards DeviceGraphicCard xx xx xx OK
glpi_deviceharddrives DeviceHardDrive xx xx xx OK
glpi_devicememories DeviceMemory xx xx xx OK
glpi_devicememorytypes DeviceMemoryType XX XX XX OK
glpi_devicemotherboards DeviceMotherboard xx xx xx OK
glpi_devicenetworkcards DeviceNetworkCard xx xx xx OK
glpi_devicepcis DevicePci xx xx xx OK
glpi_devicepowersupplies DevicePowerSupply xx xx xx OK
glpi_deviceprocessors DeviceProcessor xx xx xx OK
glpi_devicesoundcards DeviceSoundCard xx xx xx OK
glpi_displaypreferences DisplayPreference XX NO XX
glpi_documentcategories DocumentCategory XX XX XX OK
glpi_documents Document XX XX XX OK
glpi_documents_items Document_Item XX NO NO OK
glpi_documenttypes DocumentType XX XX XX OK
glpi_domains Domain XX XX XX OK
glpi_entities Entity xx xx xx OK
glpi_entitydatas EntityData xx NO xx OK
glpi_events Event xx xx no OK
glpi_filesystems Filesystem XX XX XX OK
glpi_groups Group XX XX XX OK
glpi_groups_users Group_User XX no no OK
glpi_infocoms Infocom XX NO XX OK
glpi_interfacetypes InterfaceType XX XX XX OK
glpi_knowbaseitemcategories KnowbaseItemCategory XX XX XX OK
glpi_knowbaseitems KnowbaseItem XX XX XX OK
glpi_links Link XX XX XX clean link.send.php
glpi_links_itemtypes Link_ItemType XX NO NO OK
glpi_locations Location XX XX XX
glpi_mailcollectors MailCollector XX XX XX
glpi_manufacturers Manufacturer XX XX XX OK
glpi_monitormodels MonitorModel XX XX XX OK
glpi_monitors Monitor XX XX XX OK
glpi_monitortypes MonitorType XX XX XX OK
glpi_netpoints Netpoint XX XX XX OK
glpi_networkequipmentfirmwares NetworkEquipmentFirmware XX XX XX OK
glpi_networkequipmentmodels NetworkEquipementModel XX XX XX OK
glpi_networkequipments NetworkEquipment XX XX XX
glpi_networkequipmenttypes NetworkEquipmentType XX XX XX OK
glpi_networkinterfaces NetworkInterface XX XX XX OK
glpi_networkports NetworkPort XX NO XX
glpi_networkports_networkports NetworkPort_NetworkPort XX NO NO
glpi_networks Network XX XX XX OK
glpi_ocsadmininfoslinks OcsAdminInfosLink XX NO NO OK
glpi_ocsservers OcsServer XX XX XX ocsngXXX.php front exists
glpi_operatingsystems OperatingSystem XX XX XX OK
glpi_operatingsystemservicepacks OperatingSystemServicePack XX XX XX OK
glpi_operatingsystemversions OperatingSystemVersion XX XX XX OK
glpi_peripheralmodels PeripheralModel XX XX XX OK
glpi_peripherals Peripheral XX XX XX
glpi_peripheraltypes PeripheralType XX XX XX OK
glpi_phonemodels PhoneModel XX XX XX OK
glpi_phonepowersupplies PhonePowerSupply XX XX XX OK
glpi_phones Phone XX XX XX OK
glpi_phonetypes PhoneType XX XX XX OK
glpi_plugins Plugin XX XX NO
glpi_printermodels PrinterModel XX XX XX OK
glpi_printers Printer XX XX XX OK
glpi_printertypes PrinterType XX XX XX OK
glpi_profiles Profile XX XX XX OK
glpi_profiles_users Profile_User xx no xx OK
glpi_registrykeys RegistryKey XX NO NO OK
glpi_reminders Reminder XX XX XX
glpi_requesttypes RequestType XX XX XX OK
glpi_reservationitems ReservationItem XX XX XX OK
glpi_reservations Reservation XX XX XX OK
glpi_ruleactions RuleAction XX
glpi_rulecriterias RuleCriteria XX
glpi_ruleldapparameters RuleLdapParameter XX XX form page in search
glpi_rules Rule XX
glpi_softwarecategories SoftwareCategory XX XX XX OK
glpi_softwarelicenses SoftwareLicense XX NO XX
glpi_softwarelicensetypes SoftwareLicenseType XX XX XX OK
glpi_softwares Software XX XX XX OK
glpi_softwareversions SoftwareVersion XX NO XX OK
glpi_states State XX XX XX OK
glpi_suppliers Supplier XX XX XX OK
glpi_suppliertypes SupplierType XX XX XX OK
glpi_taskcategories TaskCategory XX XX XX OK
glpi_ticketcategories TicketCategory XX XX XX OK
glpi_ticketfollowups TicketFollowup XX no XX extract action on followup from ticket
glpi_ticketplannings TicketPlanning XX NO NO OK planning.php on front and ajax common for reminder, plugins and tickets
glpi_tickets Ticket XX XX XX todo clean .injector.php
glpi_transfers Transfer XX XX XX OK .action.php and ajax/transfers.php to clean
glpi_usercategories UserCategory XX XX XX OK
glpi_users User XX XX XX OK
glpi_usertitles UserTitle XX XX XX OK
glpi_vlans Vlan XX XX XX OK

NB : OK means no classname.function file, but there is probably more functions which can be add in XX.

Rename table - ALL OK

Les tables glpi_XXX et les clés étrangères XXX_id

Original New Done
authldapsreplicates authldapreplicates X
cartridgesitems cartridgeitems X
cartridgesitemstypes cartridgeitemtypes X
cartridges_printersmodels cartridges_printermodels X
computersdisks computerdisks X
computersmodels computermodels X
computerstypes computertypes X
computers_softwaresversions computers_softwareversions X
consumablesitems consumableitems X
consumablesitemstypes consumableitemtypes X
contactstypes contacttypes X
contractstypes contracttypes X
crontaskslogs crontasklogs X
devicescases devicecases X
devicescasestypes devicecasetypes X
devicescontrols devicecontrols X
devicesdrives devicedrives X
devicesgraphiccards devicegraphiccards X
devicesharddrives deviceharddrives X
devicesmemories devicememories X
devicesmemoriestypes devicememorytypes X
devicesmotherboards devicemotherboards X
devicesnetworkcards devicenetworkcards X
devicespcis devicepcis X
devicespowersupplies devicepowersupplies X
devicesprocessors deviceprocessors X
devicessoundcards devicesoundcards X
documentscategories documentcategories X
documentstypes documenttypes X
entitiesdatas entitydatas X
interfacestypes interfacetypes X
knowbaseitemscategories knowbaseitemcategories X
monitorsmodels monitormodels X
monitorstypes monitortypes X
networkequipmentsfirmwares networkequipmentfirmwares X
networkequipmentsmodels networkequipmentmodels X
networkequipmentstypes networkequipmenttypes X
operatingsystemsservicepacks operatingsystemservicepacks X
operatingsystemsversions operatingsystemversions X
peripheralsmodels peripheralmodels X
peripheralstypes peripheraltypes X
phonesmodels phonemodels X
phonespowersupplies phonepowersupplies X
phonestypes phonetypes X
printersmodels printermodels X
printerstypes printertypes X
reservationsitems reservationitems X
rulescachecomputersmodels rulecachecomputermodels X
rulescachecomputerstypes rulecachecomputertypes X
rulescachemanufacturers rulecachemanufacturers X
rulescachemonitorsmodels rulecachemonitormodels X
rulescachemonitorstypes rulecachemonitortypes X
rulescachenetworkequipmentsmodels rulecachenetworkequipmentmodels X
rulescachenetworkequipmentstypes rulecachenetworkequipmenttypes X
rulescacheoperatingsystems rulecacheoperatingsystems X
rulescacheoperatingsystemsservicepacks rulecacheoperatingsystemservicepacks X
rulescacheoperatingsystemsversions rulecacheoperatingsystemversions X
rulescacheperipheralsmodels rulecacheperipheralmodels X
rulescacheperipheralstypes rulecacheperipheraltypes X
rulescachephonesmodels rulecachephonemodels X
rulescachephonestypes rulecachephonetypes X
rulescacheprintersmodels rulecacheprintermodels X
rulescacheprinterstypes rulecacheprintertypes X
rulesactions ruleactions X
rulescriterias rulecriterias X
rulesldapparameters ruleldapparameters X
softwarescategories softwarecategories X
softwareslicenses softwarelicenses X
softwareslicensestypes softwarelicensetypes X
softwaresversions softwareversions X
supplierstypes suppliertypes X
taskscategories taskcategories X
ticketscategories ticketcategories X
ticketsfollowups ticketfollowups X
ticketsplannings ticketplannings X
userscategories usercategories X
userstitles usertitles X