Be able to use other database than MySQL


MySQL not really respect SQL language.
If we want to use PostgreSQL database, we need to rewrite many queries to be more SQL compliant.
Once the queries updated, it will be better to use other databases like Oracle

How to change

The best choice is to use PDO extension of PHP. With this, we can have the database we want: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite...

step1: change mysqli to pdo

Rename class DBmysql in DBpdo and use pdo functions

step2: verify all queries not works

May test and verify all queries hard coded in GLPI

step3: probably optimize Search queries

I think we must optimize queries in Search class. Can be linked with the ticket #2476 and the rewrite of showlist


We must see for these problems:
  • People want to migrate from a DB to another
  • installation SQL script may be compatible with many DB