• Points to study
    • Date Picker : clean working. All OK
    • Date Time Picker : using http://trentrichardson.com/examples/timepicker/ is fine : customizing to do. All OK
    • Tabs : simple to add simple tab. No found advanced ones. Params passed on GET not POST (need to change variable used on reload tabs): OK
      • Main Form in tabs. Put Header information in navaigation bar : itemtype, name, ID , entity
    • Standard ajax system : no trouble : OK
    • Autocompletion : Standard system OK . But without pagination : find another system : flexbox (last commit in 2010...).
    • Dropdown : simple system ok : no found real solution for : Temps d'attente entre 2 recherches dynamiques pour les listes d√©roulantes
    • Modal (massive actions) : modal works but open a independent page so massive actions does not work easily. Maybe pass selected items as parameters to modal.
      • Stay in modal when post form ? permit to drop popup management
    • Tree (entity selection): try using jstree (action plugin) : OK
    • Satisfaction (stars): rateit plugin : OK
    • Tooltip : Work ok with jquery UI : OK
    • ProgressBar : OK
    • Menu all in modal : #2621 OK
    • Need to clean pages because ne need to serialize / unserialize items as before
Other ideas :


Sequel to "linux solution", I started some tests myself to migrate GLPI from extjs to jquery. (see : https://github.com/orthagh/glpi/tree/jq-glpi)

Ajax calls are relatively easy to migrate.
But I had some difficulties, including:

  • The difficulty to execute javascript in html loaded via ajax.
    In Extjs and in some ajax function, there is a parameter "scripts: true" who makes this possible (modal window, tabs, function Ext.get.load). In jquery, you must redo this behavior.
  • MoYo : In tests I have done I have no trouble about that. I setup javascript on modal for example without trouble.
  • There is, to my knowledge, no equivalent tab management at one of Extjs. In jquery UI, the tabs are necessarily above the window to modify and the overflow (number of upper tab superior to the width of their container) is poorly managed (line breaks, no navigation list).
  • MoYo : Default tabs in extjs do not permit such a thing. We "hack" them to do it. We try to find another solution. Actual one is not really ergonomic.

I had given up on these two problems and since I have not found time to devote to it.

Another thing, my personal opinion on ui toolkits, I found jquery UI quite a few components provided.
I recently worked with bootstrap which is not much provided but offers a pretty cool design interface (twitter) and better responsive layout

  • MoYo : Once migration to jquery validated, we need to do a choice.
Alternative toolkits (all are jquery) :