GLPI use extJS 3. We need to upgrade to EXT JS 4 to keep compatibility with new browsers version.
Extjs come with a lot of change and need a lot of work to adapt the GLPI code.

We want to study an alternative javascript library lighter and easier to maintain.

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What we need in the alternative ?

The alternative javascript librairy need :

  • have a UI Toolkits. It's reduce the work for the UI.
  • to be performant and let us to work what we want.
  • have a good community for have help, and support if it's necessary.
  • to be stable because we don't want change often and be in this sittuation again.

Is better if the alternative javascript librairie :

  • is used by lot of dev, because the plug-in don't need to add an other librairie.

Some list of other librairy and some comparaison :

Jquery alternative

Jquery is a javascript librairy. Jquery UI and Jquery Mobile are UI toolkits with lot of functionnality.

Jquery is very powerfull and used on the web. Is fast, and quick to write something.
Jquery Mobile is in Alpha when i wrote this. It's already used in mobile plug-in.
Jquery UI have lot of feature and have a very good theme choser. For the moment GLPI don't have template system but if we decide to have one, a big usage of Jquery UI can help for do templates quickly and complete.

Jquery is focused on : "write less do more". It's focused on javascript only, no UI, just some soft effects.
Jquery UI is focused on UI and effects, but it try to keep all for accessibility. In Jquery UI you have :
  • Interactions
  • Widgets
  • Utilities (for position, open a box in the middle of the screen ?)
  • Effects
    So you have for example auto-complete, custom auto-complete, multiple auto-complete, ajax auto-complete ....
    All functionality are very explicated and all have lot of demo, a list of parameters, description, methods ...

Some plug-in use already Jquery or Jquery mobile, and lot of books exists on this subject. The library is now very stable, no big modification in API (Jquery more than Jquery UI but Jquery mobile is in alpha), no big adaptation.

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Others alternative