Search Engine


  • ID 80 : entities_id link -> no massive action
  • ID 90 : notepad -> no massive action
  • ID 101 : glpi_ocslinks -> no linkfield but massive action on it
  • Pour export : lien web √† export <a href.... les autres pour lesquels ce n'est qu'un affichage HTML : <a quelquechose href=

Entry format

  • linkfield : if empty no massive action for field of main table
  • searchtype : string or array containing forced search type : equals or contains (if equals may force use of field instead of id adding searchequalsonfield option)
  • forcegroupby : boolean use to force group by
  • splititems : instead of using simple <br> to split grouped items : used <hr>
  • usehaving : use having instead of WHERE
  • massiveaction : use massive action default to true : can be disable setting to false
  • nosort : do permit to sort this field : set to true
  • nosearch : do not permit to do a search on this field : set to true
  • nodisplay : do not permit to display this field : set to true
  • joinparams : define how the join must be done (if complex)
    • array may contain :
      • beforejoin : array define which tables must be join before. array contains table key (may contain additional joinparams). Do an array of array if several beforejoin , both are valid. example : array("beforejoin"=>array('table'=>mytable,'joinparams'=>array('jointype'=>'child'...
      • jointype : string define the join type :
        • empty for a standard join
        • child for a child table (standard foreign key usage)
        • itemtype_item for links using itemtype and items_id fields
        • item_item for table used to link 2 similar items : glpi_tickets_tickets for example : link fields are standardfk_1 and standardfk_2
      • condition : additional condition to add to the standard link (use NEWTABLE or REFTABLE to use the table names)
      • nolink : boolean (default false) set to true to define an additional join not used to join the initial table
  • additionalfields : is array of additionalfields need to display or define value
  • datatype
    • date
      • parameters : ['searchunit']=SEARCH_UNIT (DAY or MONTH default), ['maybefuture'] = true (date may be in future) , ['emptylabel'] = string to display if null is selected
    • datetime
      • parameters : ['searchunit']=SEARCH_UNIT (DAY or MONTH default), ['maybefuture'] = true (date may be in future) , ['emptylabel'] = string to display if null is selected
    • date_delay : date with a delay in month (end_warranty, end_date)
      • parameters : ['datafields'][1]=DATE_FIELD, ['datafields'][2]=DELAY_ADD_FIELD, ['datafields'][3]=DELAY_MINUS_FIELD, ['searchunit']=SEARCH_UNIT (DAY or MONTH default), ['delay_unit']=DELAY_UNIT (DAY or MONTH default), ['maybefuture'] = true (date may be in future) , ['emptylabel'] = string to display if null is selected
    • timestamp : time in seconds
      • parameters : ['withseconds']=true/false (false by default)
    • weblink
    • email
    • text
    • string
    • ip
    • mac
      • parameter : ['htmltext']=true/false (false by default)
    • number :
      • optional parameters : ['width'] for width search, ['min'] minimum value (default 0), ['max'] maximum value (default 100), ['step'] step for select (default 1), ['toadd'] array of values to add (default empty)
    • count : same as number but count the number of item in the table
    • decimal : idem that number but formatted with decimal
    • bool
    • itemlink : link to the item
    • itemtypename
      • optional parameter defined itemtypes available : 'itemtype_list' : list in $CFG_GLPI or 'types' array containing available types
    • language : parameters : ['display_emptychoice'] ['emptylabel']
    • right : for No Access / Read / Right
      • optional parameters : ['nonone'] ['noread'] ['nowrite'] set to true to disable the values
    • dropdown : dropdown may have several additional parameters depending of dropdown type : ['right'] for user one for example
  • Sp√©cial parameters :
    • ['unit'] permit to set unit to display after standard display
    • ['computation'] for special computation case : use TABLE for table name
    • ['computationgroupby'] boolean to know if computation must be used in groupby or not (not in case of SUM or ROUND for example)

Field number in search constant.

See attached document.


To be check :
  • contact / contact_num on computer
  • name on License + version
  • ID on License + version + budget
  • is_recursive on group
  • all tracking (not yet used by search engine)

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