Ticket association IHM improvement

The idea is : Chose tickets same you chose solution.
I think it's perfect if when you try to chose ticket, the default filter show only the open ticket in the same entity than your ticket you try to associate and if we can use massive for associate (in 0.80 when you chose a solution you can only click on use, for ticket we can want to associate more than one ticket at the same time)
I think this can be good if we can add more than one by one the ticket and use the same system than asker, observator and technitien.
I think this can be a good idea to add a small popup when youre mouse in on the ticket. The popup show the description of the ticket (same the gloabal view for ticket)

I think this can be good to have other ling than "link" and "copy" and if we can add more yourself (dictionary ?).
I think this can be usefull if we can create a hierarchical link (parent, child).

Moyo : for suggestion please use mailing list instead. Discussions about features may be commented by lots of people.