Anonymous SVN access

If you want to use the last work version of GLPI (in order to test new features), or if you would like to help the developpers to find and correct the bugs, this article is for you. It explains you how to get the sources directly from the SVN server.

Before you read the following

You can access (in read-only mode) GLPI SVN tree : "h4. Linux anonymous access


Everything is done through console mode.

I first invite you to create the following arborescence (but you can do as you want) :

In your home directory (/home/YOU/) or any other folder, create :

mkdir -p svn/glpi (this will create the tow folders svn and its subfolder glpi)

Verify that svn is correctly installed on your distribution (for example, try apt-get install on a debian system).

Retrieving GLPI sources

Verify you are in the directory created before. Then type this :

svn co

Normally you will see the GLPI files being downloaded.

If no error occurs, you now have the sources on your computer.

Windows anonymous access


I invite you to create this arborescence, but do as you prefer :

In the folder of your choice, create the following folders :
A la racine d'un de vos disque (C : ou autre) ou dans un sous-dossier de votre choix, créer :

svn (for other future projects)


Download of the tools

Download TortoiseSVN or any other SVN client at your convenience :

At the end of the installation, Tortoise will ask you to reboot your computer. For the other softwares, please read their documentation.

Retrieving the sources

Go back in the previously created folder and right click on svnglpi. Then, choose "SVN checkout".

Enter the following informations :

  • For "the URL of repository" indicate :
  • For "Checkout directory" indicate :
  • Click on « OK »

If no error occurs, you should be downloading the sources.