VirtualMachines enhancements

UUID matching

UUID matching can be complicated, depending on the virtualization system

UUID matching needs to be done on the server side (ie on GLPI).
One thing that we can do it to detect the virtualization type (Virtualbox, libvirt, etc) and do processing (at display time)

Possible virtualization systems are listed here : and
  • Physical (default) : default value. Indicates that a computer is a physical computer, not a virtual machine
  • Xen
  • VirtualBox
  • Virtual Machine : cannot tell what kind of virtualisation it is
  • VMware
  • QEMU
  • SolarisZone
  • Parallels
  • Hyper-V
  • VServer
  • OpenVZ
  • BSDJail

Other matching systems

On some systems, it won't be possible to use uuid to link vm on a host and vm in glpi.

BSD Jails

Matching can be done using name + ip

Solaris Zones

AIX partitions

  • AIX_LPAR :
    FusionInventory 0.83+3.0 will support this virtualmachine type.
    The serialnumber is shared between host and slave partitions.
    we have this additional informations :
  • VMNAME ->
  • VMID -> missing field
  • VMSYSTEM (AIX_LPAR) glpi_computervirtualmachines->virtualmachinesystems_id

We don't have the uuid in this system so we use the serial for matching.
So a new 'serialnumber' field in glpi_computervirtualmachines is needed. The display in computer form must be updated for show relations between host and slaves.

DB enhancements

  • add comment field in glpi_computervirtualmachines : can be automatically filled (for example by FusionInventory ESX/ESXI/vCenter agent in case of VMWare vCenter remote inventory)
  • store vm mac addresses
  • aix_lpar : add serialnumber (for linking vm to a host) and vmid