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All the GLPI development documentation

API, Coding Standards, Gettext/Translation, Database Model, Organisation des fichiers GLPI, Packaging, SearchEngine, Plus...
Online Contributor Agreement

Heavy works in progress

ToDo GlpiDiscussions MissingDatas GlpiFramework
GenericObject IntegrationPluginsDansCore IntegrationContributionsExterieures BetaTestSystems

Works in progress

CleanPluginHookSystem GenerateBigdump GlpiImportLib ImproveLogEvent
GlpiReservations GlpiShowOrEdit LDAPAttributes
GlpiEvents GlpiHistory ItemsRecursionTwo IncludeReportPlugin
GlpiCleanDB nettoyage de la DB index VirtualMachines_enhancements NotificationEvents PluginCoreInteraction
SqlRequestsFramework Review_Devices SoftwarePacks ImproveOcsFusion
Permettre la gestion de plusieurs items pour les actions massives ValidationToGroup UseRichText Permit to link several items to a ticket
Implémentation Itil
Level 1 ServicesApplicatifs
Level 2 ItilChanges KEDB Projects
GlpiSeminaireDeux GlpiSeminaireDeuxConclusions

Works in study

NetWorkRelations GlpiServers GlpiPhones EnhanceDictionnaries
PluginsAPI GlpiWebServices Integration of Canvas
GenerateUniqueInventoryNumber ChampServiceOrganisationnel Filtrage des connexions par statut
ImportEntitiesFromLDAP TicketRulesOnModification RefacturationInterne
UserTimezone Antivirus JavascriptLibrary FastActions
Integration of PHP Namespaces Extend_Direct_Connections SIM cards HTML5
SNMP printer counters GlpiInsertLog

Works done

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