The installations plugin

OldName : install

This plugin works from version 0.70 of GLPI or greater.

It allows you to create and manage your facilities specific equipment.


After decompressing the archive into the plugin folder of GLPI, log on as administrator:

Menu: Configuration / Plugins / Installation / Installation

This will create the tables used by the extension.

Rights Management

Menu: Configuration / Plugins / Installation / Management rights profile

This allows you to define user profiles that can use the plugin.


An intervention report is available if the ticketreport plugin is installed.

In activity reports, the plugin can identify activities connected with the install plugin if the planning task is performed correctly.


The plugin can be used in helpdesk mode, where users make requests for installation of equipment according to their rights.

For it to be fully usable, this phrase in glpi / ajax / dropdownUsers.php must be commented out by adding 2 forward slashes to the beginning of the phrase:

checkCentralAccess ();

//checkCentralAccess ();