IPAM (Internet Protocol Address Management)

This plugin of GLPI aims at managing address allocation. It propose to generate the ISB-Bind and ISC-DHCP configuration files by extracting IP addresses (both IPv4 and IPv6), MAC addresses and DUID (for DHCP - IPv6) from GLPI database.

*ATTENTION :: it requires at least GLPI version 0.84, the one that is currently under development (ie.: SVN main trunk). One of the major update introduced by this version is its IP improvement (better integration of all element of the IP stack and IPv6).


This plugin is currently in use on a "small" network with about one hundred computers and very specific configuration (router with several IPs on a single interface, VLANs, ...). The concepts should be able to manage bigger network with several thousand of computers.


Unfortunately, this version does not have documentation for the moment. We will try to work hard on it.

Future work

As a future work, we should integrate an hidden part (ie. : others/internetmonitoring) of the plugin that is managing the networks. This part will controll assignation of IP addresses regarding more precise rules.
Thus, we will be able to delegate subnetwork and sub FQDN to other sub entities.