Note : le plugin est en anglais uniquement pour l'instant.



Download the latest version of the plugin depending on your version of GLPI. Create a directory named "moreldap" in the plugins directory and extract here the files of the archive.

In GLPI, install and enable the plugin as usual.


You have 2 ways to reach the configuration of the plugin :
- click on the plugin in Configuration > Plugins > MoreLDAP
- click on Configuration > LDAP authentication > LDAP directory

Choose a directory you wish to use with MoreLDAP and open the tab MoreLDAP Configuration.

Importing locations

It is highly recommended to ensure all the users in your directory are up to date, and the locations are written in an homogenous way. If not, you should consider to choose a strict naming convention for all your locations and ensure it is strictly applied.

flat locations import

Recommended for locations without any parent / child relationship.

Set the LDAP attribute you containing your locations in the field LDAP attribute : lcoation of users

Active Directory : physicalDeliveryOfficeName

Choose the entity to import to, and set if the location needs to be created as a recursive location.

The checkbox Enabled will enable the import process for the current directory.

Use GLPI to sync a user and check your setup.

Tree locations

You need to use an LDAP attribute for each level of your tree

Specify your locations attributes separated by the symbol "greater than" (>).