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vongillus, 07/04/2012 05:22 PM

Wiki for NediImport plugin


Why NediImport is not accessing directly the Mysql database?

NediImport is accessing the Nedi Web Server and run the requests with CURL.


  • it can be much slower than direct requests to the MySQL database (this is something we try to minimize in our code)
  • Usually the web interface changes much more than the MySQL database between NeDi versions, then maintenance is bigger


  • security/rights relies on NeDi itself
  • if you already have access to NeDi, then it works without giving rights/access to MySQL
  • it works for us because we don't have any rights to access the NeDi database

NediImport and FusionInventory

NediImport tries to get useful information already available in NeDi and shows it in GLPI. So if you like NeDi or if you have an already running NeDi instance it can be quite interesting.

The best is to compare both projects NeDi and FusionInventory from their websites and see what fit best your needs.

I don't think it's a good idea to run both at the same time though! :)

What is a virtual switch in NediImport?

When a managed switch sees more than one MAC address attached to its port, it means usually that a dumb switch is connected to that port and that several nodes are connected. It can also be the case when you run virtual machines.
In such a case, to be able to show this information in GLPI, we create a fake switch, which we call virtual switch and we connect all theses nodes to this virtual switch.

What can NediImport plugin for you?

How to upgrade NediImport plugin?

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