The Print to PDF Plugin

This extension works with GLPI version 0.70 and later

It creates a PDF file of a GLPI report of many items data (computer, financial information, user...).
Not all items are currently managed.


After decompressing the archive into the plugin folder of GLPI log on as administrator:

Menu: Configuration / Plugins / PDF Impressions / Installation

This will create the tables used by the extension.

Rights Management

Menu: Configuration / Plugins / Printing PDF / Management rights profile

This step allows you to define user profiles that can use the extension

You must configure these rights.

Setting user preferences

  • GLPI 0.70: Menu: Plugins / Print PDF
  • GLPI> = 0.71: Preferences / Plugins tab.

This option allows you to define which parts of the record will be edited.

Cette option permet de définir quelles parties de la fiche seront éditées par défaut.
It's mainly used for PDF printing since massive actions.

Printing a sheet

From the form of a computer or software

Tab: Plugins / Print PDF

Choose the parties to edit, the orientation and print button. The PDF opens in a new browser window.

Mass printing

Remember to set your preferences before you use this function.

Since the search screen (computer or software), select items to edit and the menu updated mass use Print to PDF.

A complete PDF opens in your browser window.


Protect the environment. Do not print the PDF but save it on the disk of your computer.

Printing costs (since version 1.3.1)

For the currency symbol to be added to the cost, it's necessary to define the international currency to use.
The display takes into account the language of the logged-on user as well as the currency chosen in Setup / PDF printing
eg in English => $ 10.00
in French => $ 10.00