Plugin Features

Additional functionality can be added to GLPI :
  • below are some examples of customizing existing GLPI elements :
  • below are examples of adding new inventory items :
  • room : room management
  • appliances : management of business applications
  • below is examples of importing external data into GLPI :


GLPI provides hooks or callbacks in order to :
  • interact with standard GLPI events : create/modify/delete/purge/restore
  • customize the GLPI user interface : adding tabs to additional objects, mass actions, reports/statistics
  • schedule tasks via CRON GLPI
  • create additional notifications

Rights / Profiles

A plugin can create specific rights, which is in addition to the standard GLPI rights

Interaction with other objects

Plugins can interact with :
  • core GLPI actions or objects using standard functions :
  • history : archival management / history display
  • reservations : reservation managment
  • return tickets : create / display tickets on an object managed by GLPI
  • documents
  • notes
  • financial information
  • additional core GLPI objects can interact with plugin objects
  • interaction with other plugins : see linking between plugins : LinkingPlugins

A plugin does not modify the tables of core GLPI. If additional data is required, new tables are created to hold the custom data.