Plugin Main configuration

Go to ProcessMaker plugin configuration page (location: in 'Setup' menu option 'General' and then tab 'Process Maker):


  1. ProcessMaker server URL (as mentioned must be the same than GLPI "")
  2. Workspace Name: worklfow by default
  3. Theme name: classic by default
  4. Main task category: will be used to defined the root for the hierarchy of task categories for processes (you may change the name of this root category):

Process Maker

Process Name (ex: Credit Card Application)

Task Name 1 (ex: Application)
Task Name 2 (ex: Data Verification)

  1. Task Writer: GLPI user that will be used as author of the tasks (you may change the name of this user)
  2. Group name that will be used in ProcessMaker to host all GLPI users. This group will be updated withg the 'pmuser' cron (see GLPI / PM groups and users synchronization)