ProcessMaker 252 Installation on IIS 7 and Windows 2008

  1. Download the archive from
  2. Install it as it is explain in the ProcessMaker wiki doing a manual install (like this you can master what is really done). Install it in your web server (Apache, IIS, or else). On request, I can provide specific installation steps for IIS (as it is our current running installation). Don't forget the rewrite rule!
  3. You may test ProcessMaker at this step, and it should be possible to start ProcessMaker configuration (beware that you must use the same mySQL instance than GLPI DB), and then to log-in with admin/admin using the URL: ""
  4. Add a Location (= an application in IIS) named "pm" in root folder (it will be used to do redirections to ProcessMaker web pages, in order to simplify URL).
  5. Add a Location (= an application in IIS) named "glpi" which points to GLPI folder

  1. Add a php file named 'index.php' in order to redirect default requests to GLPI folder (see:, then try it: "" should go to GLPI and should open the login page. If you have already defined index.php as default document to your web server root location, then "" should do the same!
  2. Set a rule to permanently redirect "" to "". From now on, if you use URL: "" you should be redirected to the ProcessMaker login form.
  3. End of installation

Content of index.php file:

   // Start the page
    echo "<html>";
    echo "<head><title>GLPI - Redirection</title>";
    echo "</head> <body>";
    $path = "/glpi/index.php?redirect=".(isset($_GET["redirect"])?$_GET["redirect"]:"_") ; 
    echo "<script language=javascript>window.location='".$path."';</script>" ;
    echo "</body></html>";     

ProcessMaker configuration

See: ProcessMaker Server Configuration