A How to Racks Management


Copy the plugin to its designated Folder (e.g. glpi/plugin)

Open GLPI > Setup > Plugins. Install and activate the plugin.

Plugin Setup

Click on the left (in light green) Racks Management and choose your unit (metric or English)

Go Administration > Profiles:

Choose the profile(s) and configure the access you want for it (No Access, Read, Write)

Using setup

First: What I describe here is my way to do it, if you like to do it different be my guest.

On this point it’s a good idea to think about the things you want to located in your racks.

  • All the computers, Network stuff and Devices come from your GLPI Database and can be selected only once.
  • Since you can select stuff out of GLPI only once, I choose to put my cable guides, patch panels (optic and cable) and the multiple power plug panel to show under Others.

That made life easier for me.


  • Creating Dropdowns (Others and Manufacturer, Location and Power Supply connections):

Go to Setup > Dropdowns. Click on the dropdown list (next to Post).
Go all the way down to Rack Management and click on Others and than Post.

  • From there its like creating a room (I do not go into how to create a room, that you should know from basic GLPI operations).

Place the name of the item and click Add

Add what ever you need.
If you would look it up now in Racks Management its not been shown under Others.

You've to specify it first. That we do later.

There is always some confusion about the second Location entry in Racks Management.

I do use it to located the rack in a room (e.g. Left Wall, 1st from left or something like that).

Since you can't add a location in the Racks Management template you should do this in the dropdown creation.

Choose from the dropdown list under Racks Management > Location and Post. Now add like a room.

  • In the same manner you add Power Supply connections under the Racks Management section.

It’s also a good idea to fill in your racks manufacturer now. Because you can't add a manufacturer in the racks template.

By now you should know how to do that.

It’s the third entry under the Common section in the dropdown types.

That saves you switching form the racks template to the dropdown tab and back again.

That's with the Dropdown creation

Adding Racks

Now you've to add the Others specifics.

Go to Racks Management create a rack.

Click Blank Template or one you created (I do not go into how to create a template, that you should know from basic GLPI operations).

Fill in all the information you have or need.

Click on Front or Back.
Now click the green dot with the magnifying glass next to Equipment. The Add specifications Tab opens.

Click on the Others Tab, than on the Dropdown in the Equipment column and choose the item(s) you created above.

Fill in all specs you need and click add. After that you can choose your item from the Others Dropdown list.

Up to version 1.0.2 (current version) you've to click on Rack Management again to get back to your rack.

Now switch to Front or Back again. Here you can select the Others Equipment you created above.

The plugin counts the equipments units from top e.g. equipment that is 4U in height needs 4U below it or between other equipment.

You've to place it at least at position 4 or 4U above other equipment to get it into the rack.

Have a lot of fun!

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