This plugin allows to establish a process of entry of personnel and allocation of resources.

1. Declaration of a newcomer through the helpdesk (they can use templates) ? send an email to the persons concerned.

2. Creating the user in the directory (+ import in GLPI) or directly into GLPI

A directory is available in the plugin that allows to collect detailed information between a user and GLPI associated.

So that this directory is complete, it is necessary to create resources for each user and link them.

To simplify this, 2 possibilities:

  • Export GLPI user list to CSV format and use data_injection to import them into the plugin and link resources.
  • For each user in the details of the profile (on the plugin tab) complete at least the employer or his number, which will create the resource and the link to the user.

3. If the location of the connected user changes, the resource will be updated automatically (and vice versa)

L'installation du plugin ressources implique que le champ lieu des utilisateurs soit spécifié, sinon la mise à jour de la fiche utilisateur sera bloqué.

4. If an end date is specified, an email will be sent to notify the start.

5. Via the helpdesk, a user can also declare a start to the administrator of the park to make the necessary (disable the account of the directory and / or GLPI, recovery equipment)

0.72 :

Un nouveau module fait son apparition : les checklists. Ainsi on peut définir dans la configuration du plugin, selon les type de contrats des points à vérifier lors de l'arrivée ou du départ de la ressource.

On peux lier des tâches aux checklists.

Des mails d'alertes seront émis tant que ces points ne seront cochés comme étant fait.


0.72 :

Un export pdf est disponible si le plugin pdf est installé

0.71 :

A report of intervention is available if the ticketreport plugin is installed

The plugin can identify activity in a report the activity in relation to the plugin resources if the planning task is performed correctly.

Si le plugin badges est installé, le plugin ressources enverra un email pour récupérer le badge associé à l'utilisateur.

Si le plugin outlookical est installé, et que vous créez des tâches planifiés, le plugin outlookical permettra l'export de ces tâches vers votre agenda Outlook.


The plugin can be used in helpdesk mode, where users make declarations of arrival of personnel as rights.

For that it is fully usable, it must be in glpi / ajax / dropdownUsers.php comment

/ / checkCentralAccess ();