Plugin Themes for GLPI

This plugin provide a theme manager. You can choose a new theme for all users of just you. You can upload a new theme.

GLPI Version : 0.83 only.
Ne fonctionne qu'avec GLPI Version 0.83.x

How to create a new theme ?

If your theme is "GreenGLPI" : Create a folder "GreenGLPI" and put inside a screenshot.jpg, a GreenGLPI.css, a GreenGLPI.js and a theme.xml

Exemple :

    |- GreenGLPI.css
    |- GreenGLPI.js
    |- screenshot.jpg (optionnal)
    |- theme.xml

Warning : Case sensitive !

(use the BlackGLPI theme included in the 0.3 release to create your own theme.xml.)

Zip this folder and use the uploader form in Configuration => theme manager.

basically you need to use your theme name everywhere.

Feel free to send me your theme so I can add them to the plugin. The 2.0.0 version will provide a theme repository.

N'hésitez pas à m'envoyer vos thèmes pour que je les ajoute dans le plugin. La version 2.0.0 devrait proposer un dépôt de thèmes.