Ticket Cleaner

This plugins provides several features to clean Tickets and Followups at creation time and update time.
It gives the possibility to filter texts at Ticket (or Followup) creation.
And to exclude pictures from Ticket (or Followup) creation (when done via email receiver).


Copy the folder 'ticketcleaner' into the 'plugins' folder of GLPI installation. Like for any other GLPI plugins.

Don't forget to install it and enable it from GLPI Plugins setup page.

For Text cleaning

Filters must be defined directly into the database: there is no web page interface for this (not yet :)).

Use your preferred db query tool to edit content of 'glpi_plugin_ticketcleaner_filters' table.
If you do not want to use Text cleaning, don't leave this table empty, you must at least input one filter.
See this section to learn how to create Text Filters.
Special patch to apply when using eMail server in HTML mode: patch for HTML clean() function.

For Image cleaning

Image cleaning mechanism uses a sub-folder inside 'ticketcleaner' folder. This sub-folder is named 'pictures'.

You will store into this folder all picture files to be excluded from Tickets.
Then when needed, the plugin will load 'on the fly' the Sha1 signatures of the picture files from this 'pictures' folder into the database.
The plugin will use these Sha1 signatures to exclude any images attached to (or embedded into) emails sent to GLPI.
For each picture file (excluded or not) attached to (or embedded into) emails a notice will be logged into the 'TicketCleaner' log files. This notice will indicate which file is excluded or not.
Beware that this log file may grow and may become large enough to prevent correct running of GLPI: then check the size of this file on a regular time basis in order to prevent any stop of GLPI.