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h1. Ticket Cleaner
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This plugins provides several features to clean Tickets and Followups at creation time and update time.
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It gives the possibility to filter texts at Ticket (or Followup) creation.
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And to exclude pictures from Ticket (or Followup) creation (when done via email receiver).
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h2. Installation
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> Copy the folder 'ticketcleaner' into the 'plugins' folder of GLPI installation. Like for any other GLPI plugins.
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h3. For Text cleaning
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> Filters must be defined directly into the database: there is no web page interface for this (not yet :)).
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Use your preferred db query tool to edit content of 'glpi_plugin_ticketcleaner_filters' table.
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See this section to learn how to create [[Text Filters]].
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Special patch to apply when using eMail server in HTML mode: patch for [[HTML clean()]] function.
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h3. For Image cleaning
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> Image cleaning mechanism uses a sub-folder inside 'ticketcleaner' folder. This sub-folder is named 'pictures'.
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You will store into this folder all picture files to be excluded from Tickets.
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Then when needed, the plugin will load 'on the fly' the Sha1 signatures of the picture files from this 'pictures' folder into the database.
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The plugin will use these Sha1 signatures to exclude any images attached to (or embedded into) emails sent to GLPI.
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For each picture file (excluded or not) attached to (or embedded into) emails a notice will be logged into the 'TicketCleaner' log files. This notice will indicate which file is excluded or not.
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*Beware that this log file may grow and may become large enough to prevent correct running of GLPI: then check the size of this file on a regular time basis in order to prevent any stop of GLPI.*