The Uninstall Materials Plugin

This plugin, called "uninstall", can remove inventory equipment. It was designed, among other things, to address the following cases:

  • designate inventory materials as scrap
  • removing inventory due to a temporary hardware failure
  • replace material by another in the warranty process for example (See Asset replacement)

The plugin includes:

  • rights management directly accessible from Administration ? Profiles (in the Uninstall tab ? Plugins)
  • a menu "Uninstall materials" in "Plugins"
  • a menu "deinstallation" in user preferences

Configuring uninstall templates

You can create as many uninstall templates as you want. Each template may contain different characteristics and be visible in the sub-entities or not.


A deinstallation of equipment is a transfer of it to itself. During this transfer, a number of actions are performed, as specified in the definition of transfer.

  • Name: the name of uninstall template
  • Sub-entities: indicates whether the template is visible in the creation of entity and its sub-entities
  • Type de modèle : the type of model we want to use (Uninstallation or Replacement)
  • Comments: field to add details to the template
  • Transfer template to use: indicates the transfer template to use when uninstalling
  • New equipment status: indicates what status the material must take once removed
  • New group: indicates the group to which the equipment may belong once uninstalled
  • Erasing history software (computers): authorizes the removal of all lines in the history of computers that have attractive installation / uninstallation of software
  • Name Reset: Removes the name of the material when uninstalling
  • Reset user: delete the associated GLPI user when uninstalling
  • Contact: Remove contact reassembled by SCO when uninstalling
  • Reset network resets the field "network" of the sheet material
  • Reset OS: deletes the information on an OS (OS version, Service Pack, Product Key, Product ID) when uninstalling
  • Reset field deletes the field "field" equipment
  • Reset IP Gateway and Subnet: deletes the information about the network (except the MAC address, which is linked to the material) when uninstalling
  • Budget: the budget, which removes the material is associated
  • Delete the OCS machine: when uninstalling a computer in GLPI, remove it from the corresponding OCS machine

To remove a computer in the OCS, the MySQL user that accesses OCS must have write privileges on all tables for the inventory in the OCS.

Removing material

There are 2 ways to uninstall a material:

  • from the record itself, in the "Plugins ? Uninstall"
  • from the list of massive changes

A model can be recursive (visible in the sub-entities), the list of templates displayed in the mass action indicates all models available in the current entity (ie those defined in this entity, or an entity above and visible in sub-entities).

Change of venue when uninstalling

You can change the location of the equipment once it is uninstalled. This selection is either:
  • in the display once the uninstall template is chosen
  • in the preferences of the user when uninstalling via a massive change

It should be noted that since locations are defined in entities, it is only possible to assign an uninstall location within the current entity.