Install and Setup plugin

1. After decompressing the archive into the plugin folder of GLPI log on as administrator:

Menu: Configuration -> Plugins

In plugins screen locate the Web Notifications plugin and click in Install, then Enable.

This will install the plugins and create the database tables.

Click in plugin name and then in Enable in new screen:

2. When a new ticket or new ticket followup is created will show up a notification in your browser. The first time you will see a request to allow notifications. Click accept. Now just to be logged in GLPI and notifications will appear on any desktop window, speeding up service.

3. Note: Firefox and Safari do not follow the specification regarding the close event. The specification stated that a notification must be closed by the user only. However, Firefox and Safari close the notifications automatically after a few moments; therefore, there is no guarantee that it's the user who closed the notification.

notifications-2.png (50.9 KB) stdonato, 11/07/2014 10:06 PM

notifications-1.png (390 KB) stdonato, 11/07/2014 10:17 PM