Methods > glpi.listIObjects

Version Comments
1.3.0 no change
1.2.0 must be super admin to use this method
1.1.0 Method added

This method is only accessible by authenticated and super-admin users

Return a list of objects. This method is generic, and can be used to get any type of data

input a hastable
Options to be passed to the method can be listed using the help switch.

  • help option to get usage information
  • count , start, limit (optional)

return a array of hashtable

Call example

$:php testrest.php --server=localhost --url=glpi080/plugins/webservices/rest.php --method=glpi.listObjects --help
+ Calling 'glpi.listObjects' on http://localhost/glpi080/plugins/webservices/rest.php?method=glpi.listObjects&server=localhost&help=1&itemtpe=Computer
+ Response: Array
    [start] => integer,optional
    [limit] => integer,optional
    [name] => string,optional
    [serial] => string,optional
    [otherserial] => string,optional
    [locations_id] => integer,optional
    [location_name] => string,optional
    [room] => string (Location only)
    [building] => string (Location only)
    [itemtype] => string or array, optional
    [show_label] => bool, optional (0 default)
    [help] => bool,optional