Methods > glpi.setMyProfile

This method is only accessible by authenticated users

Version Comments
1.3.0 No change
1.2.0 No change
0.2.0 Method added

Change the current profile of an authenticated user

input hashtable

  • help option to get usage information
  • profile (id of the new profile) mandatory (see glpi.listMyProfiles)

return a hashtable (if succeed)

  • id of the profile
  • name of the new selected profile.

Call example

$ php testxmlrpc.php --session=k6729g89bgnb0r7dg2bcvahqr2 --method=glpi.setMyProfile --profile=4
+ Calling 'glpi.setMyProfile' on http://localhost//glpi072/plugins/webservices/xmlrpc.php?session=k6729g89bgnb0r7dg2bcvahqr2
+ Response: Array
    [id] => 4
    [name] => super-admin