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Plugin GLPI pour l'outil WinAdminPassword.

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GLPI plugin for WinAdminPassword tool.

WinAdminPassword tool : [[http://sourceforge.net/projects/winadminpasswd/]]

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Manager: kartnico

Latest news

Version 1.1.2 available for GLPI 0.90
Added by kartnico over 6 years ago

Version 1.1.0 available for GLPI 0.84
This version is fully compatible with the WinAdminPassword version 1.5 and GLPI 0.84.x
Added by kartnico over 8 years ago

Version 1.0.2 available for GLPI 0.83
Added by kartnico over 9 years ago

Version 1.0.1 available for GLPI 0.80
Second version of WinAdminPassword Plugin fully compatible with the new WinAdminPassword version 1.2
Added by kartnico almost 11 years ago

Version 1.0.0 available for GLPI 0.80
WinAdminPassword version 1.0.0 compatible with GLPI version 0.80.x is released.
Added by kartnico almost 11 years ago

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