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Plugin GLPI pour l'outil WinAdminPassword.

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GLPI plugin for WinAdminPassword tool.

WinAdminPassword tool : [[http://sourceforge.net/projects/winadminpasswd/]]

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Manager: kartnico

Latest news

Version 1.1.2 available for GLPI 0.90
Added by kartnico over 5 years ago

Version 1.1.0 available for GLPI 0.84
This version is fully compatible with the WinAdminPassword version 1.5 and GLPI 0.84.x
Added by kartnico over 7 years ago

Version 1.0.2 available for GLPI 0.83
Added by kartnico over 8 years ago

Version 1.0.1 available for GLPI 0.80
Second version of WinAdminPassword Plugin fully compatible with the new WinAdminPassword version 1.2
Added by kartnico over 9 years ago

Version 1.0.0 available for GLPI 0.80
WinAdminPassword version 1.0.0 compatible with GLPI version 0.80.x is released.
Added by kartnico almost 10 years ago

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