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09:19 AM Behaviors Bug #5523: Check is linked to Ticket:OWN right
Not only for super-admin profile ? Any profile which have all rights into tickets (but not the ticket::own) is concer...


11:12 AM Behaviors Bug #5523 (New): Check is linked to Ticket:OWN right
If you don't have Ticket:OWN right, no check are effective :
Ticket.class.php :
if (!is_numeric(Session::getLogin...


05:29 PM PDF Feature #5522 (New): Ajout de la personnalisation de l'en-tĂȘte, du logo et du pied de page
Ajout d'une configuration dans le plugin pour proposer la personnalisation :
- du logo
- de l'en-tĂȘte
- du pied...


12:02 PM Behaviors Revision 194: Minor fixes (display)


12:31 PM Behaviors Bug #5509 (Rejected): Solution not saved when a mandatory field is not filled
Add Category / technician / solution type as mandatory into plugin :
Try to add a solution : the plugin add error ...


10:09 PM addressing Bug #4478 (Closed): Errors on SQL queries
10:09 PM addressing Feature #5502 (Closed): Evolution reservation ip and research
10:09 PM addressing Feature #2927 (Closed): Ping IP of items already in GLPI, and display them in a specific color wh...
10:09 PM addressing Bug #5493 (Closed): Report empty
10:09 PM addressing Feature #2926 (Closed): Improve reserved IP management

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