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01:27 AM shellcommands Feature #4002: webservices plugin support
Any chance this gets merged?


02:24 PM Connections Bug #4929 (New): Can't associate to a location anymore
It seems release version:1.6.3 (or previous) broke location support (the ability to associate a connection to a locat...


12:50 PM Connections Bug #2901: 1.6.0 multiple errors in update-1.6.0.sql
I don't know the database migration system well enough but since GLPI glpi:version:0.80 a new class is available to d...
12:43 PM Connections Bug #4928 (New): GLPI 0.85 compatibility
Update plugin to make it compatible with GLPI glpi:version:0.85.
See [[plugins:Fr_Plugin084to085]] for changes occ...
12:39 PM Connections Bug #2876: 1.6.0 not fully ready for GLPI 0.78+
Changes of patches attachment:0001-Rename-files-to-respect-singular-form-needed-for-GLP.patch and attachment:0002-Ren...
12:07 PM Connections Task #4923 (Feedback): GLPI 0.84 compatibility
12:06 PM Connections Task #4922 (Feedback): Adds CSRF protection
12:06 PM Connections Task #4921 (Feedback): GLPI 0.83 compatibility
12:06 PM Connections Task #4919 (Feedback): GLPI 0.80 compatibility
02:53 AM Connections Bug #4927 (Resolved): Can't link a NetworkEquipment to a connection from NetworkEquipment item
Fixed in r12: Wrong dropdown name was used (@connections_id@ instead of @plugin_connections_connections_id@) (see sou...

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