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06:15 PM customfields Feature #2015 (New): Enable CF on the Domain Plugin
If so, can I suggest that some of the plugins have the ability to add custom fields as well (we’d particularly like t...


07:52 PM customfields Feature #1642 (New): Filler Field
Field to put in a blank spacer to push field down.
07:49 PM customfields Feature #1641 (New): Standard Dropdowns
It would be nice to allow users to pick from the standard dropdowns as well as creating their own. Also it would be ...


10:18 PM customfields Wiki edit: Customfields_Wiki (#2)
09:03 PM customfields Wiki edit: Setup (#1)
08:54 PM customfields Wiki edit: Install (#1)
08:44 PM customfields glpi-customfields-1.1.1.tar.gz
v 1.1.1 for glpi 0.72.x
08:41 PM customfields Task #1479 (New): generic object plugin
Work with author of generic object plugin to incorporate custom fields. Come up with a plan and work together so bot...
08:37 PM customfields Wiki edit: Customfields_Wiki (#1)
create initial glpi instructions page
08:31 PM customfields Feature #1478 (New): Import / export
Create an interface to import and export custom field structures.

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