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10:41 AM customfields Bug #2962 (New): Dependent fields
Try to define custom fields what should be dependented of another ones.
For example:
Field team: Olympique Ly...


08:48 AM Generic Assets Generic Assets Version 1.2.0 released
Now full compatible with *0.72.x*!
This plugin allows you to add generic assets. Includes basic information assets...
08:43 AM Generic Assets glpi-genericassets-1.2.0.tar.gz
Code clean and solve some issues.


03:21 PM Generic Assets Revision 9: Version 1.2.0. Code clean and more standard. Solve some issues.


11:50 AM Generic Assets Revision 8: version 1.1.0 Add Management, Tickets, Documents, Reservation and Historical support.
11:44 AM Generic Assets glpi-genericassets-1.1.0.tar.gz
with tickets, managements, reservations,... Compatible with GLPI 0.71.x
10:09 AM Generic Assets Revision 7
10:07 AM Generic Assets glpi-genericassets-1.0.0.tar.gz
Compatible GLPI version 0.71.x
09:48 AM Generic Assets Revision 6
09:26 AM Generic Assets Revision 5

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