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05:56 PM multiglpi Revision 872: Fix profiles installation
... ( once and for all :° )


06:49 PM multiglpi Revision 870: Remove check on mysqli (cf. previous commit : not needed anymore)
fix a small glitch in token generation with mt_rand that could return
an out-of-range index.
06:44 PM multiglpi Revision 869: Fix installation problem:
Nothing was returned by the install method therefore installation failed.


06:42 PM multiglpi Task #3196 (New): Change actual setup workflow to something more friendly
The idea is to simplify the way connections setup between the 2 glpi instances are made.
I'd like to propose is th...
05:22 PM multiglpi Task #2864 (Closed): check the prerequesites
05:19 PM multiglpi Revision 868: add the trigger privilege check to prerequisites install
closed: #2864
02:46 PM multiglpi Task #2864 (Assigned): check the prerequesites
SphynXz wrote:
> We should not be able to install the plugin if :
> * the plugin webservice is not installed and acti...


05:41 PM multiglpi Revision 861: replace mysqli call with glpi's common dbmysql class to avoid
login problem with encoded character in password.


05:51 PM multiglpi Revision 856: Revert compression check modification within xmlrpc function
04:31 PM multiglpi Wiki edit: Test_Cases (#2)

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