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07:12 PM PDF Bug #5437: 0.85 : php errors when no right on plugin (regression)
OK. checked


04:00 PM Data Injection Bug #5445 (New): Can't delete a model with the button 'Delete permanently' (regression)
v 2.4.1 (0.85)
a model can't be (individually) suppressed with the button 'Delete permanently'.
To achieve this pro...
03:45 PM Data Injection Bug #5444 (New): Can't export report in PDF (regression)
v2.4.1 (0.85)
The injection process generates a pdf file;
An error occurs when one tries to export the pdf.
On s...


09:17 AM appliances Bug #5441: In ticket list, search by appliance Name displays a list of types
And probably for the same reason, if I add the Appliance-Name to the tickets view, the list gets empty and I get sql ...


07:53 PM appliances Bug #5443 (Closed): Cleanup at uninstall not complete
On plugin uninstall, cleanup is not complete. It remains in db
- part of profile rights : records in glpi_pr...
07:32 PM appliances Bug #5442 (Rejected): Incorrect right at plugin Install
v 2.0.0
Plugin installation creates records in table glpi_profilerights where name = 'plugin_appliances' and rights ...
07:13 PM appliances Bug #5441 (Closed): In ticket list, search by appliance Name displays a list of types
v 2.0.0
In tickets list, search by Appliance - Name, operator 'is'. Then a list of appliance types is displayed !


08:54 PM Additional Reports Bug #5370: Locale not translated
v 1.8.1, yet to solve.
In front/report.form.php, line 68, a 'n' must be added to get _n('Report', 'Reports', 1) and ...


07:17 PM Additional Reports Bug #5371 (Closed): sql errors in rights mngt
OK. Solved in 1.8.1


02:56 PM Generic Object Bug #5032: Management of translations
Corrected. To close

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