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05:42 PM WebServices Revision 440: Fix listObjects using paramters
01:35 PM WebServices Revision 439: Fix right and type in glpi.deleteObjects method


11:04 AM Data Injection Bug #3863 (Closed): Network ports are duplicated even if they exist
Bug too old
10:53 AM Data Injection Bug #5479 (Closed): Cannot delete info for a model
10:53 AM Data Injection Bug #5272 (Closed): Inject data (Start date of warranty, Warranty duration and Alarms on financia...
10:53 AM Data Injection Bug #5100 (Closed): Migration from 1.7.2 is broken
10:53 AM Data Injection Feature #5062 (Closed): Add a right to use the plugin
10:53 AM Data Injection Feature #2603 (Closed): Manage PluginDatainjectionModel type (import of model)


03:14 PM Data Injection Bug #5460 (New): User password & import issues
Password & email cannot be added with the current plugin release.
The password should be in text and it's MD5 shou...


09:28 PM Behaviors Feature #5457: Add event "assign to a supplier"
why not to add in glpi 0.91 directly ?

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